Our 3 Revolutionary Drilling Products – Super-Sweep®, Super-Sweep Fine®, and Pheno Seal®



FORTA Super-Sweep® fiber is a drilling fluid additive that when added to a drilling mud increases the suspension and hole cleaning ability of the fluid. Introduced in a pill or slug form, Super-Sweep® is a wellbore cleaning agent that does not increase viscosity.

Super-Sweep® contains an estimated 850 miles of fiber per pound, that work to trap cuttings, metal fragments, sand, gravel, and drill solids.


FORTA Super-Sweep Fine® is a second-generation fiber to the original FORTA Super-Sweep®, designed to enable additional capabilities and applications. Like Super-Sweep® fiber, Super-Sweep Fine® enhances the carrying capacity of drilling fluids when mixed and distributed, without increasing the fluid’s viscosity. However this shorter and finer fiber version relieves user concerns when using down-hole tools and for horizontal drilling applications, and has proven to be dry-blendable with cement to act as an excellent LCM – Lost Circulation Material – for cementing applications. [Click here for additional information on FORTA Super-Sweep Fine®.]


Pheno Seal® is a chemically stable thermoset laminate used for lost circulation, bit balling, and pipe and casing sliding in all water, oil, and synthetic based fluids and cements. The original laminate sheets are ground into flakes and sized to provide maximum sealability using minimum pounds per barrel. Pheno Seal® is safe and effective in all water, oil, and synthetic-based muds, and is also compatible with squeezes and cements. Pheno Seal® is one of the most effective loss circulation materials on the market, offering tremendous performance advantages in cases of fractured formations, seepage loss, and bit balling.

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