Pheno Seal®

Control Lost Circulation with Pheno Seal®

Pheno Seal® is a chemically stable thermoset laminate used as a drilling additive. It has superior performance in lost circulation, bit balling, and pipe and casing sliding in all water, oil, and synthetic based fluids and cements.


Pheno Seal® is manufactured from laminate sheets which are ground into flakes and sized to provide maximum sealability using minimum pounds per barrel. Pheno Seal® is safe and effective in all water, oil, and synthetic-based muds, and is also compatible with squeezes and cements. Pheno Seal® is one of the most effective lost circulation materials on the market, offering tremendous performance advantages in cases of fractured formations, seepage loss, and bit balling.

Fractured Formations

Each hard chip shaped Pheno Seal® particle hydraulically rotates with the fluid and flows into fractures along the wellbore. As the particles wedge together inside the fracture, the differential pressure wedges the particles tighter together, which in turn increases the pressure resistance of the seal. Pheno Seal®, in high concentrations, is an effective squeeze material. Pheno Seal®’s optimum particle shape and sizing provides quicker and more complete seals than blended materials.

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Seepage Loss, Pipe Sliding and Running Casing

Pheno Seal® provides a hard, smooth, pressure resistant barrier between the drillstring and wellbore. This reduces the pressure differential along the wellbore, as well as reducing the adhesion between the drillpipe and filtercake. Pheno Seal® and calcium carbonate is preferred. Unlike granular materials, Pheno Seal® does not degrade filtercake quality.

Bit Balling

The strong, thin edges of each Pheno Seal® particle cut away at formation build-up on bits and stabilizers like a knife blade. Pheno Seal® also contains approximately 7 times more particles per pound than nut plug. Pheno Seal®’s inherent hardness, multiple cutting edges, and optimum hydraulic shape allow for an effective and economical solution for controlling formation buildup on bits and stabilizers.

Pheno Seal® Advantages

  • Best cost to benefit ratio of any LCM product.
  • Outperforms nutshells, fibers, mica, and blended materials for sealing fractures.
  • 7 times more particles per pound than granular LCM products, including nut hulls.
  • Approximately 50% more usable material per pound than mica.
  • No adverse effect on LC50 values.
  • Temperature stable to 500° F in all fluids
  • Does not weaken or deteriorate during use.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic based drilling fluids.

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