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Pheno-Seal- Lost Circulation Agent

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FORTA CORPORATION, 100 FORTA Drive, Grove City, PA, U.S.A., 16127-6399

TELEPHONE: 1-800-245-0306, (724) 458-5221; FAX: (724) 458-8331;


FORTA® Pheno Seal® is a chemically stable thermoset laminate used to correct lost circulation in all water, oil, and synthetic-based fluids and cements. Pheno Seal® is ground from laminate sheets into flakes of various sizes, which allow for maximum sealability at a very efficient dosage per barrel.


Pheno Seal® is used in all water, oil and synthetic drilling fluids as a premium-performance Lost Circulation Material (LCM). Pheno Seal® maintains the best cost-to-benefit ratio of any LCM product, greatly outperforming nutshells, fibers, mica and other blended materials for sealing fractures. Pheno Seal® can be used in any fluid-based drilling system, anywhere that significant fluid loss is a major concern.


Pheno Seal® should be added at a rate of 10 to 30 ppb to a 25 to 50 barrel pill, mixed and pumped downhole. After regaining circulation, 40 to 160 lbs. per hour (1 to 4 sacks) of Pheno Seal® should be mixed to reduce fracturing of a newly drilled formation. To minimize seepage loss, 80 to 320 lbs. per hour (2 to 8 sacks) of Pheno Seal® should be mixed into the system while drilling.


  • Materials: Ground thermoset laminate
  • Form: Hard, flat chip
  • Specific Gravity: .1.3
  • Chemical Resistance: .Inert
  • Color: Varied
  • Temperature Range: Stable up to 500º F


FORTA® Pheno Seal® is available to the drilling industry through an authorized FORTA® products distributor. Contact FORTA Corporation for product availability information (1-800-245-0306).


  • Bags: 40 lbs. (18.15 kg.)
  • Pallets: 50 Bags; 2000 lbs. (909kg.)


FORTA® products are warranted to be free of defects in material and meet all quality control standards set by the manufacturer. FORTA Corporation specifically disclaims all other warranties, express or implied. The exclusive remedy for defective product shall be to replace the product or refund the purchase price. No agent or employee of this company is authorized to vary the terms of this warranty notice. FORTA Corporation has no control over the design, production, placement, or testing of the drilling products in which FORTA® products are incorporated, and therefore FORTA Corporation disclaims liability for the end product.

FORTA® and Pheno Seal® are registered trademarks of the FORTA Corporation

Forta Corporation

  • Drilling Products Division
  • 100 FORTA Drive
  • Grove City, PA 16127-6399 USA
  • Phone: 1-724-458-5221
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-245-0306
  • Fax: 1-724-458-8331
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