Super-Sweep Fine® FAQs

  • 1. What makes Super-Sweep Fine® different?
  • Answer: Being a shorter fiber, Super Sweep Fine® creates a tighter fiber matrix that allows for much higher concentrations in either drilling fluids or cement. Higher concentrations (up to 1/2 pound per sack) increase tensile strength and durability of the cement. The shorter fiber allows for increased dosages where MWD tools are being used.
  • 2. What are the best applications for Super-Sweep Fine®?
  • Answer: Where dry blending is desirable, such as in cement bulk plants and LCM blends, or in drilling fluids when the drill string contains MWD tools.
  • 3. Can Super-Sweep Fine® be dry-blended with cement?
  • Answer: Super Sweep Fine® has been dry blended and pneumatically transferred at concentrations up to 1/2 pound per sack of cement.

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