Super-Sweep® Fiber

Advanced Hole Cleaning “Made Simple”

FORTA Super-Sweep® Fiber is a drilling fluid additive, that when added to a drilling mud, increases the suspension and hole cleaning ability of the fluid. Introduced in a pill or slug form, Super-Sweep® is a wellbore cleaning agent that does not increase viscosity.

Super-Sweep® contains an estimated 850 miles of fiber per pound, that work to trap cuttings, metal fragments, sand, gravel, and drill solids.

After years of research, development, and actual drilling field trials, FORTA Corporation’s Super-Sweep® Fiber has been proven as THE advanced hole cleaning agent for the drilling industry. Super-Sweep® Fiber offers a quick and easy way to mechanically increase the carrying capacity of drilling fluids, without affecting viscosity. Super-Sweep® provides a cost-effective method of sweeping for all types of drilling operations without the hassle and complications of competitive products.

Super-Sweep® is a specially treated synthetic fiber, made from 100% virgin materials in a monofilament form. Super-Sweep® is white in color, and is produced in uniform lengths to allow for rapid dispersion and uniform flowability in a wide range of fluids. Super-Sweep® Fiber is also chemically inert and non-toxic, and is compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic fluids.

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One of our favorite methods to demonstrate the effectiveness of Super-Sweep® is to add a small amount of Super-Sweep® fiber to a beaker containing water, disperse the fiber throughout the water and then suspend steel shot or glass marbles in the beakers. Once suspended, the marbles or steel shot stay suspended indefinitely!

The following four images illustrate each step of this experiment.

Super Sweep Demo

Super SweepSuper Sweep Fiber

Super-Sweep® Packaging

Super-Sweep® is conveniently packaged in 15-pound easy-open cartons and 6-gallon screw-top pails, and can be quickly added to the fluid system in pill form through the hopper. Simply mix the desired concentration of Super-Sweep® into a pre-determined volume pill and circulate while continuing normal operations. The Super-Sweep® fibers and captured solids are easily removed by the solids control equipment.

The latest available FORTA packaging option contains the same 15 lb. (6.8 kg) fiber quantity, but in easy-to-handle plastic bag containers.  These tough plastic-film recyclable bags maintain the easy-open cut-top feature of the cartons, but with the outdoor storage durability of the pails.  The plastic bag packaging also allows for a denser cube for pallets and containers, and maximizes freight and storage efficiencies.

Super-Sweep® Field Tests

Scores of actual field tests have proven Super-Sweep®’s effectiveness in removing sand, silt, gravel, shale, and milled metal fragments. Unlike high viscosity polymer sweeps, Super-Sweep® can be used as often as needed without the risk of increasing the viscosity of heavily weighted systems.

Super Sweep

Shown above, Super-Sweep® recovers additional metal fragments even after two high-viscosity xanthan polymer sweeps.

Super-Sweep® Advantages

Consider the many benefits that make up the Super-Sweep® Advantage:

      • Mechanically increases the carrying capacity of all fluids.
      • Avoids costly mud-ups when using water or brines.
      • Removes metal fragments during milling operations.
      • Prevents or cures tight connections while drilling or on trips.
      • Provides a cost effective hole-cleaning method prior to running casing, logging, or tripping pipe.
      • Can be used from surface to total depth.
      • Chemically compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic-based fluids.
      • Temperature stable to 300 degrees F.
      • Environmentally safe – LC50 value of 1 million.
      • Reduces costly clean-ups from using polymers in work-over operations.
      • Offers the most economical alternative to high-cost, high-viscosity polymer sweeps.
      • Unaffected by sub-freezing temperatures as with some liquid polymers.

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